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Ntale’s story: why kindness got me to where I am today | Mental Health Foundation

Kindness isn’t a concept I thought a lot about as a young man. Kindness was often portrayed amongst my peers as weakness and wasn’t something that would protect you in the face of threat. Kindness wouldn’t save your phone at knifepoint, nor would it save your reputation in a fistfight. Kindness was a liability, and liability could get you hurt – even killed.

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Dean’s story: my mental health took a hit during the pandemic as my feelings of loneliness grew | Mental Health Foundation

Dean tells us how, even though he was surrounded by his loving family and living life to the full, being furloughed during the pandemic, his feelings of loneliness started to grow and his mental health “took a hit”.

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Bursting the bubble of anorexia – Mind

When you’re inside anorexia’s bubble it doesn’t allow you to picture what life could be like on the outside. The bubble is safe, and the outside isn’t.

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5 Motivational Mental Health Stories To Get You Energized (sungod.co)

January is a month full of promise for a new year and a fresh start. And while we’re all in support of setting goals and taking things up a notch in 2022, we know January can also be a hard time for many. That’s why at this time of year – when it’s easy to turn off the alarm and roll over – it’s more important than ever to be good to ourselves and keep those endorphins flowing!

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