Listening and supporting people

Providing space, time and interest in a conversation can really help people feel valued.

Think back to a time where you shared a problem or worry with a trusted partner, colleague or friend. What was it that helped you think differently or worry less? How did it feel to be be acknowledged valued and supported? People don’t always want advice or solutions sometimes they just want to share worries that may be on there mind. Simply listening without any judgement or opinion can really help lift people out of loneliness.

How can active listening make a difference
  • It can help people get problems off their chest
  • It provides a safe place for people to be themselves
  • It helps people reframe how they think about a problem or see a different perspective
  • Listening shows people care

Things to consider
  • Create time and space to talk
  • It’s ok to have some short gaps in conversation without having to fill these
  • Think about how the person best finds it easy to share views, such as a walk together in a park or other green spaces
  • Avoid any distractions such as being on phones
  • Try to have a low stimulus background without noise or audience