United against suicide

Like physical health, we all have mental health. Unlike physical health, mental health problems can creep up on us over time and often without noticing. This is why it’s important we tackle stigma and pre-conceived ideas about mental health to create a culture and community where it’s accepted to talk about mental health and emotions. This website aims to provide support for patients, families and carers or anyone who is in contact with someone experiencing distress, is in a mental health crisis or having suicidal thoughts. By listening and showing compassion, we can all create a culture where we can support and signpost people in distress to the right help. Remember, in a life threatening emergency, please call 999 for help.

Support for patients

This website has a downloadable interactive guide to information about mental health and suicide prevention. The guide is designed to be user friendly and engaging. It includes embedded links to videos, websites, safety planning, apps and signposting to support. Other elements include keys to compassionate listening, de-escalation and support for carers. The guide is free to download and save, has been developed by an expert reference group including people with lived experience of mental health and provides practical support.

In addition to the digital guide the website has a number of links to peer reviewed areas for further advice and support.